Disheartening video clip of a young woman being paraded naked for the death of her husband.

Sen. Stella Ada Oduah

My attention has just been drawn to a most disheartening video clip currently doing the rounds on social media, of a young woman being publicly paraded naked under the pretext of being directly responsible for the death of her husband.

To say that I am shocked, petrified and angry is to put it mildly for I cannot for the life of me imagine that something as backward and despicable as what was showcased in those clips, still exists in today’s world where there are established lawful channels for seeking redress.

No matter how grievous an alleged crime is, the law is there for redress but what we saw in those clips is nothing short of barbaric, inhumane and evil, which should be condemned by all decent human beings that have the fear of God in them.

I am distraught and do not take kindly to maltreatment of any kind, let alone, that meted on a widow who should and must be protected.

Consequently, I mandated our team to

1. Ascertain wether the distasteful incident did infact occur in any community or the alleged community in Anambra North which is Aguleri, and they have reported back that it is true.

2. We have also located the family and I’ve personally spoken to the widow in question and can tell you that it is indeed, a terrible case as she cannot even walk as we speak.

3. I also intend to take this widow under my wings by first ensuring that she gets proper medical attention, then enrol her under one of our numerous skill acquisition programs after which, we will ensure that she is provided with funds for her learned trade. Our team are currently on ground putting things in place to ensure she’s taken to the hospital as soon as we get the nod of the family who understandably, are still quite shocked as a result of the unfortunate incident.

5. I firmly believe that this terrible thing would not have happened to her if she was educated and I intend to have a sit down with her to find out the extent of her educational journey and if she is willing to go to school.

6. I have also alerted all relevant security agencies with a view to getting to the root of this matter and I will ensure that this doesn’t get swept under the carpet.

Bottomline , I shall explore all options to see that this woman becomes something in life and can only offer pity to all those ignorant folks who thought that they were shaming her by their despicable actions without knowing that they were setting a dangerous retrogressive precedent in that .

I saw children in that crowd and wondered at the kind of mindset such children would  develop when they become adults and wondered how adults could allow such a travesty to happen under their watch.

Women should be protected and I fail to see the correlation between a spouse’s death and whatever allegations peddled against this young woman who incidentally, the law accords innocence until proven guilty.

May God save Humanity from the debilitating scourge of Ignorance and may our women, especially the widows amongst us, be seen as human beings to be protected and treated with kindness, humanness and love.”

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