Today I celebrate my heartbeat and a human being whose short sojourn on earth, continues to be a source of inspiration to everyone that had the privilege of experiencing his awesome and heartwarming presence.

Buwa was not just a son but a confidante whose love for Humanity and unimaginable afinity for empathy and all those  lofty virtues associated with it, will always be cherished by the homeless he gave shelter, the hungry he put food on their table and most importantly, everyone that has benefitted from the MAXLIFE Foundation set up in his honor.

Indeed, the MAXLIFE FOUNDATION is actually a dream of his which kept him restless and sleepless most nights, thinking up new ways to better the lot of the downtrodden and today, I take solace in the fact that we’ve kept this dream of his alive in the many testimonies of beneficiaries that have been trained in the numerous skill acquisition programs, scholarships etc.

Today I celebrate the birth of my baby whose love was so infectious and pure that I still find it hard letting go of this angel God once blessed me with.

But like the good book says, I will continuously look up to the Hills from whence my help and will glorify the name of the Lord for the gift that was Buwa Maxwell Oduah Etoromi.

Thank you son for being that child every mother dreams of and I promise to keep your MAXLIFE FOUNDATION alive for as long as I have breath in me.

Happy Birthday Nna!

Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord and always remember, MUMMY LOVES YOU!


Distinguished Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah OON.

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